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Property Pro: Beginners

This 6+ hour audio program will give you the foundation you need in order to get the most out of the Property Pro: Investments program. We’ll discuss all the significant principles that you need to know before you invest in property.

  • An introduction to property investments, the Formula For Riches® and the property investor’s mindset.
  • The seven secret laws of a successful property investor, and the key to how you can use them.
  • How to identify the different types of property investments that you can use to build your property portfolio.
  • The critical rules you’ve got to know before you even consider buying a property.
  • The principles of cash flow, residential letting, cyclical markets and the basics of financial bond calculations.
  • How to determine the true market value of a property and the house price movements.
  • How to find and identify the right property, negotiate and finance the deal and increase the value of your property.
  • An introduction to different financial entities, resources and financial calculators.

Property Pro: Investment

If you want to know the big strategies, the safest systems and what it takes to succeed at property investments, this program is for you. This +- 7 hour program contains everything you need to know to make skillfully informed, unemotional investment decisions when buying property.

  • Why the Internal Rate of Return is the world’s best kept financial secret.
  • The safest, quickest and easiest way to evaluate a property yourself.
  • Twenty seven proven money-making strategies to boost your wealth with property investments.
  • How use property investments to become financially independent within five to eight years.
  • How to optimize your home as an investment tool to grow your property portfolio.
  • How to legally get S.A.R.S. to give you a helping hand to boost you to financial independence.
  • The dangers of refinancing and negative gearing that no one will tell you.
  • The top 5 strategies you can use to get a property for free, eliminating all your financial risk.


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This Program Is For Advanced Learners Only, And Requires Previous Training Via The Property Pro: Property Investment Course.


Price: R9 450

R7 950

Property Pro: Advanced

In the +- 7 hour follow up to our best selling product Property Pro: Investments you’ll discover everything you need to know about the Mercedes principle, tax options, trusts and restructuring advanced property deals.

  • How to make a well-informed investors decision by using the Formula For Riches® to determine the pro’s and con’s of any property investment.
  • How to use the Formula For Riches® to guard against agent hype and emotional buying decisions.
  • How to use the Mercedes Principle to offset risk in changing property markets.
  • How to determine the risks involved with property speculation.
  • How to legally save up to R42 000 in income tax on your property investment by using a trust.
  • How to use the roll-in strategy to grow your property investment portfolio without spending any more money.
  • Advanced letting secrets, how to manage everything from agents to squatters.
  • How to restructure you finances so that on average commercial property becomes an incredible investment.

Trusts For The Entrepreneur

Perfect for people who are interested in the fundamental principles of a trust. A complete guide to a successful trust. Learn how you can grow and safeguard your wealth with this uncomplicated guide. In this +- 7 Hour program.

  • Why you should consider a family trust.
  • The basic trust forms, what they entail and how to use them to get the best benefits for your financial and real-estate planning.
  • How to set up a trust to keep your assets safe.
  • How to nominate beneficiaries.
  • Appointment, powers, duties and termination of trustees.
  • Retaining control of a trust.
  • Estate planning trusts.
  • Trusts and tax.
  • Inter Vivo’s Trust, Discretionary Trust, Mortis Causa Trust, Business trusts etc.

Price: R12 450

R7 950


Price: R35 000

R16 450

Property Pro Mentoring Program

Learn everything you need to know about Property Investment in only 6 weeks. Discover the secret strategy for profitable property investments.

  • Learn how something as simple as a mindset can stop you from achieving your investment goals.
  • You will learn everything you need to know from the very first step you need to take when investing in property, from a complete beginner to a veteran.
  • Get access to our one of a kind Property Pro Software tool, and learn how to evaluate ANY property in less than 5 min.
  • Find out how to optimize and structure your property portfolio in order to get the maximum growth, security and tax benefits.
  • Discover several ways to build your property empire without investing a cent of your own money.
  • Strategies that can be implemented anywhere in the world.
  • Plus Bonuses!**

** Bonuses Are Subject To Change