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Dear Wealth Seeker

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The Formula For Riches is the roadmap to riches, and it is the only proven solution that guarantees a sure-fire way to earn you more than 1000% on your first investment without any risks.

If you search the Internet, you will find there are more than 45 millions sites on how to get rich fast, but they will not give you an authentic and proven method and system to follow.

The Formula For Riches® is your roadmap to riches. It reveals real insider secrets on how to get rich fast.

You will not find this information anywhere else in the world.

How is it possible to get rich fast?

It is so simple when you have the know-how and a proven system.

All you do is follow the step-by-step guidance offered by the Formula For Riches® that’s proven by thousands of investors that were eager to learn how to invest and understand investing to improve their returns on their investments and learn how to make money.

The Formula For Riches® is the outcome of 25 years of research and condensed everything the top .5% money earners, and wealth creators in the world know and apply to make millions - into a simple, easy to use system.

You now have the opportunity (for a limited time only) to get this tested strategy, so that you enjoy brilliant bottom line profits – effortlessly!

If you want to learn how to get rich fast and are looking for a roadmap to riches...

THEN this might be The Most Important Letter
You’ll Ever Read.

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Hannes Dreyer. And I am 62 years old.

I am a self-made Multi-Millionaire, Wealth Creator Mentor and investor who built my fortune through businesses and real estate.

I retired at the age of 37.

After my retirement, I did my MSc (Econ). My thesis: “Real Estate As An Investment Instrument” is a practical guide to invest in real estate.

My Thesis for my PhD was “Applying the Formula For Riches To Create Entrepreneurs And Investors.”

I am now busy fulfilling my most important mission, that of sharing my experience and making a difference by mentoring Investors and Wealth Creators.

For the last seven years, I have been teaching the Formula For Riches to thousands of students all over the world with the most incredible results.

Some of my students are getting in access of 100 000% growth on their first investments within the first year – without taking any risk.

To prove the fact that you do not need money to make money I used the principles of the Formula For Riches® to invest only 11 cents and turn it into more than $1,400,000 in two years.

This represents a compounded growth of more than 356,650% (that is right – three hundred and fifty six thousand six hundred and fifty percent).

Once you understand the formula For Riches® you will know that you do not need money to make money, nor do you need to take any risk.

In fact wealth creators never take any risk because they know by applying the Formula For Riches® they will learn a secret only very few investors like Warren Buffet knows –


By applying the Formula For Riches® investment strategy, you will learn how to lower your risk and at the same time how to increase your growth on your investments.

The Formula For Riches® is applicable to any type or class of investment. If you break the formula, you will never become rich.

Personally, I’ve used the Formula For Riches® to start more than 10 successful businesses in less than two years, without investing a cent of my own capital.

By applying the principles of the Formula For Riches® I bought 49 residential properties in less than 94 days - without using a cent of my own capital.

You can learn to become a real estate investor or an entrepreneur without the need to take any risk.

To see proof and to read my CV please go to Dr. Hannes Dreyer

If you also want to learn how to invest money and to skyrocketing the growth on your investment without taking any risk you need to download my e-book "The Formula For Riches - The Difference Between Rich And Poor"
right now.

The Formula For Riches® is the quickest way to:

  • Learn to invest money – just imagine what your friends and the experts will say when you show them you made more than 1000% on your first investment.
  • Learn to make money – and become financially free and live the life you always dreamed of.
  • Learn how to get rich fast, and so you can retire early.
  • Learn how to invest money right, so you do not have to make the same mistakes thousands of investors are making each and every day. By learning how not to invest, you will save yourself thousands – if not millions of dollars.
  • Learn millionaire secrets from mentors, and save yourself all the frustration, time and mistakes most investors make daily without knowing they are breaking basic investments principles.

Use the Formula For Riches® to test statements or promises like:

  • We will show you how to become rich or perhaps the statement we will show you easy ways to become rich or
  • They may even want to show you ways to become a millionaire.
  • Next time all you do is test to see if what they offer you breaks the Formula For Riches®. If it does you simply do not invest in their plan, investment or business. To test if any type of investment adheres to the principle will take less than one minute, yet it will save you thousands of dollars and years of frustration.

This fail proof system will save you hundreds of thousands of dollars because I can prove that no one has EVER become rich by breaking the Formula For Riches®.

There are different ways to invest money.

To make sure you get the maximum growth on your money for the minimum amount of risk, simply follow the Formula For Riches® proven strategy before you invest in:

  • Stocks
  • Real estate
  • Mutual funds
  • 401(K) Plans
  • Policies
  • Annuities
  • Businesses
  • Or any other form of investment.

You will immediately know if the investment strategy is going to work or not. To determine if an investment will be feasible can be done in less than 30 seconds and gives you as an investor, the most reliable investment strategy to effortlessly evaluate any potential investment or even business.

Discover how the Formula For Riches® practically guarantees results, giving you the insider secrets of the rich, turning you effortlessly into a serious investor.

You are literally 24 hours away from changing your life...

Inside "The Formula For Riches - The Difference Between Rich And Poor" e-book you are about to Discover how the Formula For Riches™ will skyrocket your profits.

You'll gain unique money investment secrets that are proven ... and trusted ... and worth far more than I'm asking!

This e-book is one of a kind and really adds value, giving brilliant results!

I am condensing everything I learned over the past two and a half decades so that you can get it all for a fraction of the true value (which is literally hundreds of thousands of dollars!) and without having to find the truth for yourself!

Here's how this information has dramatically changed the life of many other wonderful people like you...


There are tons of phony and misleading sites out there, make sure any information you are considering buying includes the following:

  • A proven step by step system to teach you how to invest your money without taking any risk.
  • An easy to understand method that helps you to identify and show you how to calculate the true risk on any investment – before you invest.
  • A way to calculate the Intrinsic value (true value) on any investment and a sure way to eliminate all emotions.
  • Do not teach you how to invest and then sells you their product or even worst . Teach you just how to invest in their product.
  • A hundred percent (100%) lifelong money back guarantee if what they are teaching you do not work.

All of this is covered in depth inside

"The Formula For Riches - The Difference Between Rich And Poor"

You could do your doctorate degree. It will take you about 9 years of study if you are lucky at the cost of at least $30 000 and even then you would learn just a fraction of what is included in the e-book The Formula For Riches®!

I did my doctoral thesis on “Applying the Amazing Formula For Wealth Creation to develop entrepreneurs and investors”


You could hire myself or one of my trained consultants at $3,200/hr over 10 hours to scratch the surface of what is detailed in The Formula For Riches®.


For a limited time you can download "The Formula For Riches - The Difference Between Rich And Poor" in PDF Format for the insane price of R 350.00 and have it downloaded to your computer as soon as your transaction is cleared!

You can get all of this for the insane price of R 350.00 if you NOW Download "The Formula For Riches®" on my secure server below in PDF Format.

You deserve to have the best life, so now it is time to take action - and learn to invest the smart way!

R 350.00

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