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The following Courses, the Dreyer Crypto Strategy System and the Property Pro Software is included in the package:

  • 1 Year Subscription to the Dreyer Crypto Strategy Course and the Dreyer Crypto Strategy System. There are currently 76 CryptoCurriencies that we track on the system. The system shows strong buy prices. We will purchase these Cryptos if we can get it below the strong buy prices. You will receive automated buy, hold and sell signals. Please note that the system will send out e-mails every time a signal is triggered. Because the current price is “live” it means that you can sometimes receive several e-mails during a day on the same Crypto, if the price bounces between the different signals (from buy to hold and back to buy). Do not sell your Cryptos when you receive automated sell signals from the Dreyer Crypto Strategy System (http://dreyercryptostrategy.com/). We will notify you via info@wealthcreatorsuniversity.com and via WhatsApp when we sell. Together with the subscription we will include training on the Dreyer Crypto Strategy System website, Which exchanges we use, Asymmetrical uniform positions, Coins splits, Security checklist overview, Setting up your portfolio and Additional training.
  • The Dreyer Bitcoin Balancing Fund.
  • The Wealth Creators Method Mentoring Program. The 5 Levels of Transformation. The 10 Environments of You. Memetics. The Thinking Process. What is a Wealth Creator. Goal. What is Success. The Success Formula. How do you become a Wealth Creator. Recap the Formula For Riches. The Self Environment. The Spiritual Environment. Investment Attitude. Lagger, Zigger, Zagger, Blizzer. Goal Setting. What is Seed Capital. Relationship and Energy. Personal Relationship. The Network Environment. The Financial Environment. The Physical Environment. The Technological Environment. Case Study. The Nature Environment. The Body Environment. The Seven Needs. The 4 Classes of Experiences. Why problems. Drop Rate. Our Autopilot. Power vs Force. The Brain Chemistry. The House Always Wins. The Attractor Field. Self Awareness. Two Ways To Change. You Are Enough. Why Do We Need Goals. Simplify And Eliminate. Human Consciousness. What Are Wealth Resisters. Link Between Resisters And Map Of Consciences. Different Classes Of Goals. Difference Between Lists, Goals And Powergoals. Introduction To Powermorphing. Introduction To Powermorphing Process. Introduction To RRP. Introduction To The Powergoal Process. Instant Bagha. 14 Days To Prepare For The Next 91 Days. The Wealth Game Introduction. Setup Your Game To Win. Faith And Hope Are Powergoal Killers. What Is The Difference Between A Business And An Investment. Lesson From Warren Buffet. The Value Of Systems. The Next 91 Day Challenge. Responsibility. Take Action. The 9 Mental Triggers. Self Reliance. Week 1 to 14. And much, much more…
  • Legacy Mastermind Sessions on Zoom or Webinar.
  • Quantum Awakening Course. Learn how to set and achieve PowerGoals!
  • PowerGoal Ebook, Workbook, Cheatsheet & Calculator.
  • The From Startup to Income Course.
  • The Property Pro Mentoring Program. Learn how something as simple as a mindset can stop you from achieving your investment goals. You will learn everything you need to know from the very first step you need to take when investing in property, from a complete beginner to a veteran. Get access to our one of a kind Property Pro Software tool, and learn how to evaluate ANY property in less than 5 min. Find out how to optimize and structure your property portfolio in order to get the maximum growth, security and tax benefits. Discover several ways to build your property empire without investing a cent of your own money. Strategies that can be implemented anywhere in the world.
  • The Property Pro Basic Home Study Internet Course. An introduction to property investments, the Formula For Riches® and the property investor’s mindset. The seven secret laws of a successful property investor, and the key to how you can use them. How to identify the different types of property investments that you can use to build your property portfolio. The critical rules you’ve got to know before you even consider buying a property. The principles of cash flow, residential letting, cyclical markets and the basics of financial bond calculations. How to determine the true market value of a property and the house price movements. How to find and identify the right property, negotiate and finance the deal and increase the value of your property. An introduction to different financial entities, resources and financial calculators.
  • The Property Pro Investment Home Study Internet Course And Software Tool. 1 Year Subscription to the Property Pro Software. Why the Internal Rate of Return is the world’s best kept financial secret. The safest, quickest and easiest way to evaluate a property yourself. Twenty seven proven money-making strategies to boost your wealth with property investments. How use property investments to become financially independent within five to eight years. How to optimize your home as an investment tool to grow your property portfolio. How to legally get S.A.R.S. to give you a helping hand to boost you to financial independence. The dangers of refinancing and negative gearing that no one will tell you. The top 5 strategies you can use to get a property for free, eliminating all your financial risk.
  • The Property Pro Advance Home Study Internet Course. How to make a well-informed investors decision by using the Formula For Riches® to determine the pro’s and con’s of any property investment. How to use the Formula For Riches® to guard against agent hype and emotional buying decisions. How to use the Mercedes Principle to offset risk in changing property markets. How to determine the risks involved with property speculation. How to legally save up to R42 000 in income tax on your property investment by using a trust. How to use the roll-in strategy to grow your property investment portfolio without spending any more money. Advanced letting secrets, how to manage everything from agents to squatters. How to restructure you finances so that on average commercial property becomes an incredible investment.
  • The Trust For The Entrepreneur And Investor Home Study Internet Course. Why you should consider a family trust. The basic trust forms, what they entail and how to use them to get the best benefits for your financial and real-estate planning. How to set up a trust to keep your assets safe. How to nominate beneficiaries. Appointment, powers, duties and termination of trustees. Retaining control of a trust. Estate planning trusts. Trusts and tax. Inter Vivo’s Trust, Discretionary Trust, Mortis Causa Trust, Business trusts etc.
  • The Offshore Property Investments Course.
  • The Rainmakers Startup Business Program™. The Wealth Creators Business Model™. The Wealth Creators Strategy™. The Formula For Riches©. The Wealth Creators Blueprint™. The Rainmakers Skills™. Why an MBA degree is a waste of time if you want to start a business. Solving a problem or a need for a customer. Differences between problem, need, want. Who are your customers and why will they buy. How do I get clients. How to create or source a product, program or service. What is the most important thing you need to do for the business - to make the business model work. Advertising, sales letters and copy writing. The 7 Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and how to use them.
  • The Explosive Growth Mentoring Program. During the Program I will show you in virtual real time how I am going to take a 5 cent investment and turn it into more than R1,000,000 (One Million Rand) in less than one year by applying the Wealth Creators Strategy and Formula For Riches®.
  • The 91 Perfect Day Challenge Internet Course. In this 91 day challenge, you will learn how to create your perfect day! Successful people are in the habit of creating a perfect day! The perfect day challenge was designed to provide you with that experience.
  • The Master Key Internet Course. In this 49 day challenge, you will learn the vital mental focus techniques that you need if you want to lead a successful life. Every day you will do a practical session where you focus on implementing these techniques so that they become a part of you. Kaizen means constant and never-ending improvement and it is one of my key principles for success in whatever you do. We cover the spiritual, physical, mental, family, relationship, financial and career aspects of life. Prepare for a profound journey of personal growth. What you will learn. How to consciously direct your thoughts, energy and focus so that you can live the life you want. How to naturally overcome stress, depression, financial worries. How to identify emotional resisters and how to get rid of them in order to achieve wealth, health, success and happiness. How to successfully program your subconscious mind to produce results you have never dreamed of.
  • The Wealth Creators Development Program includes: The Wealth Creators Science™. The Wealth Creators Metaphysical Laws™. The Wealth Creators Psychology™. The Wealth Creators Core™. The Wealth Creators Foundation™. The Wealth Creators Blueprint™.
  • The Financial Freedom Planner Internet Course. Certify yourself to plan your own financial freedom with this simple and quick course! Find out what growth you need to achieve on your investments, and which investments can provide you with your required growth in order to reach Financial Freedom for you and your family! You will also learn why this information is withheld from you by the big financial institutions and that they do it by making it complicated for you to understand what you need. This course will show you a simple and quick way for you to do your own calculations. The best part is, you do not even need to be good at maths!
  • The Financial Breakthroughs Internet Course. In this ± 12 hour Course you will discover the effective mindsets, habits and actions that will accelerate your financial results exponentially. What you will learn. The psychology, science and art of creating, preserving and enjoying your wealth. Why people don’t get the results they want from business, investments and their personal life and how you can break free from these mental traps. What financial wealth really is and how to discover why it is important to you. How to determine your current financial position so that you can get to where you want to be. The simple strategy that guarantees financial success. How to develop your own unique step-by-step success blueprint based on your personal financial goals. The critical factor that is killing your chances of success. What you don’t know is a big problem. The thinking process. How the brain works. The mind programming process - why we do what we do. The Formula For Success!
  • The Debt Eradication Internet Course. What you will learn is the critical financial skills you need to rapidly eliminate all your debt, the safe way. A great Course for what it takes to get and stay out of debt.
  • The Boss Calculator. Shows you the different ways to save your money and what the impact of that saving would be.
  • The Formula For Riches e-Book. You will discover the key principle on which all of our Courses are based. This formula has stood the test of time. The Formula for Riches is a unique blueprint that anyone can follow to ignite a new realization of the simplicity of finances and catalyze you to new levels of financial wealth.
  • The Managing Your Money Internet Course. In this Course you will discover how to juggle your family and finances with step by step action strategies that you can implement to start living within your means. How to set and implement a smart budget goal. How to control your debt. Discover how to organize your finances. How to determine the difference between the lifestyle you need and the lifestyle you want. How to prioritize between your wants and needs!



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