The PowerGoal™ Method

It easy to be mediocre and average, to live at a fraction of your potential

But why would you settle for less?

the extraordinary life you dream of can be yours
 if you are willing to take responsibility.


The only program that guides you to get what you truly want in life - What you deserve.

Take your PowerGoalS to the next level and find abundance in all areas of life.

You are unique

Your version of success will be different from anyone else’s

You can’t follow the same strategy as someone else because what you will get is their version of success.

Your journey to success is unique to you. You have to follow your own path to reach it. And that is what the PowerGoal™ Method is all about.


The step-by-step guidance is brilliant & paves a clear path for achieving a transformed life.

I have clarity, my focus is set & I’m being pulled into a direction more strongly than ever.

Jerome Supra  


I just watched session one of the Quantum Awakening again, and right there, BOOM! a false belief shifted! I am super energized...

I can shout off the rooftops!!

Manuela Patterson

Life Changing

I have learnt a lot about myself, and I am looking at things with a new perspective.

This course has been a life changing experience!

Handolph Joubert 

What is included in the
PowerGoal™ Method

Quantum Awakening
Crash Course

Learn that you were born to have it all. Freedom, abundance, joy, fulfillment, health, wealth and happiness. All you have to do is claim your birthright. Awake and become aware of the greatness that is within you.

 Ebook Bundle

The journey to discover your PowerGoals™ in the seven different areas of your life. You will also get access to the PowerGoals™ calculator, workbook and cheatsheet,

The Point Game Course

Get equipped to take the right actions to reach your PowerGoals™.

91 Perfect Days Challenge

Discover a short, daily process to do what you need to every day to reach your goals.

PowerGoals™ Community

Interact with like-minded people. Learn, celebrate and share each other's success.

The PowerGoal™ Method is worth $206.70 (R3,445).

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The one personal development experience that is all about YOU

Designed by you

Created by you

Achieved by you

The PowerGoal™ Method is about YOUR happiness and fulfillment

Your happiness matters and only you can find it.

Your fulfillment matters and only you can achieve it.

The key to happiness and fulfillment is inside of you.
Take responsibility to find it.

What Makes Us Unique

Everything we teach you here at the Wealth Creators Method has been trailed and tested. We have done the hard part. We have taken out the pain, sweat and tears so that you can learn only the stuff that works.

We do not only talk the talk we walk the walk as well.