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It’s time to take your marketing to the next level

Learn everything you need to know about Facebook Marketing in only 6 weeks!

(Proven strategies designed to help you reach you marketing goals)

  • Learn to not only identify your TRUE market but also understand them.
  • How to get organic as well as paid growth with Facebook.
  • How to use Facebook ads to grow your business and profits.
  • Learn how to get more leads, growth and profits.
ENROLL TODAYFacebook Business Strategies Program + Bonuses


Business Owners

Facebook Marketing

You have a business. Perhaps you’re a coach, marketer, doctor, shop owner  and you would like to get in front of your target specific audience, with fewer risk and more reward.


Facebook Marketing

You have a start-up company or would like to start a business and you want to use as little cash as possible to start advertising but still get in front of the right audience.


Facebook Marketing

You would like to expand your marketing and get more lead, more clients the cheapest possible way making sure that you generate amazing profits each month.

No Product

Facebook Marketing

Or you would simply like to learn the skills needed to start and run your own profitable Digital Marketing Agency, and run other companies ads for them.


The Facebook Business Strategies Program is a 6 week, 5 module mentoring program that gives you the skills and confidence to do your own marketing without relying on any expert…

Facebook Marketing

The Facebook Business Strategies Program is focused on getting you to understand how to generate leads, create sales and increase your profit as quickly as possible

Starting with…

Facebook Business Profits

Facebook Ads. When to use what type of ad to maximize your ROI and generate maximum profit. We will also discuss the strategies that we have used.

(Module 04)

Facebook Business Optimisers

Systems & Procedures. How to use them to optimize your business to get more leads, more profit and overall more growth.

(Module 05)

- Normal Price R 19,750

All you need is a little guidance to get your business to the next level! Let us help with that!

ENROLL TODAYFacebook Business Strategies Program + Bonuses


You’ll have support all the way

You'll get access to:

  • Access the Facebook Business Strategy Faculty for personal implementation, feedback and direction.
  • Access to the Facebook Business Strategy Community.
  • The Private Facebook Business Strategy Portal where you can submit requests and get personal responses back with additional direction from one of the trained Wealth Creators Faculty.

This way you never feel alone or wonder whether you’re on the right track

That's Not All




The Complete Facebook Business Strategy Swipe Bundle

You get all the pages, all the images, landing pages, all of the offers and all the copies. This way you have the exact page templates and layout we use for our own multi million plus Facebook Business Strategy Campaigns.

– Normal Price R12,500


Facebook Marketing Course


Facebook Marketing

Digital Product Development Blueprint Course

This course will help anyone from a complete beginner to someone who has been using the Facebook Ad Platform for years. Learn how to advertise your business by using the cheapest method available today

The Digital Product Development Blueprint will teach you the 7 step process to start and grow a multi-million rand business in less than a year.

– Normal Price R9,750

– Normal Price R18,750

But there’s more…


Starting A Digital Agency Course

This is for the true digital marketing enthusiast that wants to start their own Business selling their service as a Digital Agency. We will show you exactly where to get started and what are the key steps to succeed.

– Normal Price R18,750

You’ll get all 4 bonuses worth R59,750 for free!!


We believe in adding value and we believe these bonuses will be able to help you. Simple as that!

Vaughon Van Zyl

I’m not new to Facebook Marketing or at least that was what I thought then my eyes opened up to a entirely new world, the information was extremely easy to follow with the videos taking you step by step through each process to setup a bullet proof marketing strategy.

From novice, intermediate and experts there is a wealth of information in this course.

Vincent breaks each lesson down in such a way that anyone can understand and follow it, and the simple to follow blueprint allows you to easily go back to lessons that you want to recap while you are creating your own Facebook Marketing Strategy.

Vaughon Van Zyl
Jacques Venter

The Facebook course was great and a BIG puzzle piece that fell into place.

Thank you to you and Vincent – his support has been great!

This was one of the first times that I practically experienced how stacking different skills can help get a result. Being able to “target” your market and get instant results and feedback is amazing!”

Jacques Venter

Are you ready to take the step and change your life forever?

ENROLL TODAYFacebook Business Strategies Program + Bonuses

This can be applied to


There are literally thousands of markets being advertised on Facebook. Entrepreneurs and influencers committed to getting in front of their specific target audience.

Markets like:

ANY product or service…

These are just a few examples!

Here’s a fact:

Major companies love using Facebook for marketing

0% RISK | Our Guarantee

If you cannot save yourself at least x 10 more than what you paid for the Course by applying what you learn… We will gladly refund you…

With just one condition: Show us that you applied what you learned and that it did not work for you.


You'll get:

Facebook Business Strategies Program

Access to our Wealth Creators Faculty
Access to the Private Facebook Business Strategies Portal
12 months access to the Facebook Business Strategies Community


Bonus #1: The Complete Facebook Business Strategy Swipe Bundle
Bonus #2: Facebook Marketing Course
Bonus #3: Digital Product Blueprint Development Course
Bonus #4: How To Start A Digital Agency Course

This offer is valued at R79,500.00!

But you can get the Facebook Business Strategies Program plus bonuses for only...



ENROLL TODAYFacebook Business Strategies Program + Bonuses

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