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Financial Freedom Planner

You will learn the critical financial skills to determine your own financial freedom growth rate and what to do to retire quickly.

  • How to calculate your own Financial Freedom Growth Rate (FFGR).
  • Where to find and how to create investments where the IGR (Investment Growth Rate) will ALWAYS be higher than the FFGR.
  • How to invest up to 90% less than what you must invest in conventional investments to retire with more than 4 times your current income (in today’s value) in less than 10 years.
  • In fact, it is costing 99.76% of South Africans their Financial Freedom… this is a statistic that the financial system tries to guard with its life.
  • The main reason for “Poverty” is that the Experts Have A Vested Interest To Keep You Confoculated™.
  • How to apply the Wealth Creators Strategy And FFR To invest only R1000 per month (or less) to be in the top 1% income earners in the world in only three years with no debt.

Debt Eradication Course

If you want a great primer for what it takes to get and stay out of debt, look no further. This +- 7 hour program will give you the foundation you need to get out of debt with the right mindsets and actions critical to succeed permanently.

  • How to use the step-by-step debt eradication blueprint to rapidly eliminate your debt.
  • Why your debt is costing you much more than you think. In fact, it is costing 99.76% of South Africans their Financial Freedom… this is a statistic that the financial system tries to guard with its life.
  • The extraordinary Accelerator Principle and how you can use it to get out of debt in months instead of years.
  • How one student eliminated more than R508 604.11 worth of debt in a single day by applying an unique little technique.
  • How to pay off your debt WITHOUT making any more money than you do right now.
  • A proven debt accelerator formula that has already helped thousands of people pay off millions of Rands in debt.

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Formula For Riches eBook

If you want to learn how to invest money and to skyrocketing the growth on your investment without taking any risk, you need to download my e-book "The Formula For Riches - The Difference Between Rich And Poor" right now.

  • A proven step by step system to teach you how to invest your money without taking any risk.
  • An easy to understand method that helps you to identify and show you how to calculate the true risk on any investment – before you invest.
  • A way to calculate the Intrinsic value (true value) on any investment and a sure way to eliminate all emotions.
  • Do not teach you how to invest and then sells you their product or even worst . Teach you just how to invest in their product.
  • A hundred percent (100%) lifelong money back guarantee if what they are teaching do not work.


R18 750

Rainmakers Skills Start-Up Business

In this program you will learn the correct way to start a business with no money and no security. It is also ideal for business owners who are struggling to grow their business.

  • The Wealth Creators Business Model™
  • The Wealth Creators Strategy™
  • The Formula For Riches©
  • The Wealth Creators Blueprint™
  • The Rainmakers Skills™
  • Why an MBA degree is a waste of time if you want to start a business.
  • Solving a problem or a need for a customer.
  • Differences between problem, need, want.
  • Who are your customers and why will they buy.
  • How do I get clients.
  • How to create or source a product, program or service.
  • What is the most important thing you need to do for the business – to make the business model work.
  • Advertising, sales letters and copy writing.
  • The 7 Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and how to use them.

Facebook Marketing Course

Facebook Marketing or someone who has been using it for years. Learn how to advertise your business by using the cheapest method available today.

  • Learn the ins and outs of Facebook Marketing. This course will help anyone from a complete beginner to How the Facebook Business Manager interface works.
  • How to target only people who would be interested in what you have to offer.
  • Installing the Facebook pixel and to track standard & custom actions on your website. You will also learn how to optimize your ads for those actions taken.
  • Retargeting - whether they are existing customers or people who have interacted with your business on Facebook or other platforms.
  • The difference between the Facebook Editor and Power Editor.
  • How to create the perfect Facebook ad images & what tools to use to create awesome images free of charge without the help of any professional as well as what the guides for text in Facebook ad images are.
  • How Facebook Video ads work, and the quickest and easiest way to advertise on Facebook.


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Price: R18 750

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Digital Product Development Blueprint

The Digital Product Development Blueprint will teach you the 7 step process to start and grow a multi-million rand business in less than a year.

  • This course is presented by Dr. Hannes Dreyer founder of the Wealth Creators University who is one of the world's leading figures in Wealth Creation.
  • Learn everything you will ever need to know to develop a Digital Product.
  • How to identify your target market to advertise the product that you created to the people who matter most to you, your customers.
  • This course consists of 9 Modules that are designed to follow step by step to achieving you goals in developing your Digital Product.
  • The Digital Product Development blueprint will not only teach you how to create great products, but you will also learn all about how to setup your Landing pages after your potential customer showed interest in your product.

      Facebook Business Strategies Program

      The Facebook Business Strategies Program is a 6 week, 5 module mentoring program that gives you the skills and confidence to do your own marketing without relying on any expert

      • Developing a clear understanding of your market to make a HUGE difference in your results this will also be vital to success.
      • How to get your page ready for your audience and start treating your Facebook page as a business representative.
      • Optimizing your Facebook page to get you and your business to get to the next level – Working smarter not harder
      • When to use what type of ad to maximize your ROI and generate maximum profit. We will also discuss the strategies that we have used
      • How to use them to optimize your business to get more leads, more profit and overall more growth.
      • Plus Bonuses!!**

      Price: R19750

      R6 490

      ** All Bonuses Are Subject To Change